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Who We Are

The Fundraising Club is a Christian-based company that is dedicated to helping non-profit and charitable organizations raise money (to see our online fundraising catalog, CLICK HERE.) Additionally, we can help with fundraising for emergent events, which may include such things as major disasters, helping loved ones finance a much-needed surgery, or other similar legitimate causes. Many organizations have great ideas and programs that can literally change peoples' lives, however, they are unable to obtain the financial support necessary to fulfill their missions. Our goal is to provide the financial vehicle to help them obtain that support. We are a type of business known as a "BAM," or "Business As Mission." In other words, we are a for-profit business that is owned by a Christian, led using Biblical values, and intentionally devoted to being used as an instrument of God's mission. 100% percent of the company-retained profits go to support Christian ministries, supporting the ability to provide evangelism, discipleship and other Christian activities. The Fundraising Club is an Active Member of Tentmaker Ministries, an association of businesses which are intentionally designed to raise money or otherwise provide support for building the Kingdom of Christ. More information about Tentmaker Ministries can be found at

We'd like to introduce you to the concept of "Forever Fundraising," a truly turn-key, perpetual fundraising program that offers residual profits where you can receive a check every month, every year...forever. Unlimited profit potential combined with extremely easy program activity makes this the PERFECT PROGRAM for your fundraising needs.

Many non-profits and charities try to raise money by selling candy, coupons, cheap gifts, candles, scratch cards, and other "trinket items" or "gimmick gifts" that people buy only to support the organization. These organizations are often tired of selling merchandise that is way over-priced, and concerned about money or merchandise being lost, stolen, or broken before an order is placed or delivered. We can help you get away from this!

CLICK HERE to see our online fundraising catalog.



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