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How It Works

If your organization is like most others, you are not designed or managed to raise funds...that's where we come in. We have already designed and actively manage this turn-key online fundraising program, which allows you to focus on your more important goals and objectives (CLICK HERE to see the online fundraising catalog).

Here's how it works: Join our organization as an affiliate (it's free!) and get your Fundraising Affiliate link. You simply advertise that link on your website, and then promote it. The easiest way to do this is to hyperlink our provided link on your website under a heading that simply says "Support us through The Fundraising Club" and promote it on newsletters and other advertising. When people click your link they will find the opportunity to shop at our fundraising store with approximately 6,000 to 10,000 popular items (new items are frequently added and unpopular items are deleted; some seasons have more). When they check out, your organization will receive a check for 32% of all sales produced each month.

If someone makes a cash donation, you will receive 93% of the amount donated. The 7% we keep covers our expenses for marketing, the website, credit card fees, transfer fees, etc. Most fundraisers charge a lot more for this service...with us, YOU get more. While we are upfront about this, some fundraising organizations are not. Please note, this charge amount is in line with, or less than, other popular fundraising sites (such as All credit card sales and donations are routed through PayPal to ensure credit cards and other personal information remains secure. It is simple. It is streamlined. It is stress free.

Some fundraising companies offer extremely high earnings of 40% to 90% of sales, and while this may sound good on the surface, they are also charging extremely high, outrageous prices on their products. At The Fundraising Club, we know people will enjoy supporting your cause and paying fair prices for quality products they can actually use. Additionally, the program is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We know you'll soon agree this is the PERFECT PROGRAM.

You will have full control to see when orders are placed and how much money is due to you through the "back-end" of our website. Other than that, we maintain the website, we sell the merchandise, we collect the money, we collect and pay taxes (if appropriate), we ship purchased items, we track sales for you, and we send you a check every month. All you have to do is sign up, advertise your provided link, and cash your checks!

To register, simply visit the online sales website (CLICK HERE), look for the Affiliate Program at the bottom of the page, click "Join Affiliate Program" and fill out the online form.